• New production facility will manufacture digital technologies for electrical distribution networks for Indian and global markets
• Demonstrates ABB India’s commitment to ‘Make in India’, making India a global hub for electrical equipment manufacturing
• High quality power protection technology will support India’s target to expand renewable energy to 500 GW by 2030

ABB India announced the inauguration of its expanded Digital Substation Products and Digital Systems factory in Vadodara, Gujarat. Located within ABB India’s largest manufacturing campus, this new factory will meet the growing demand for a wide range of digital substation products and digital solutions in India and in more than 50 countries. The manufacturing portfolio includes products like relays, while the solutions range from centralized protection and control systems, distribution automation, to bus transfer systems and arc protection for the electrical distribution network. These products are deployed across multiple industries from cement, steel, oil and gas to utilities (power distribution companies) and renewable energy projects through OEMs.

ABB India Digital Substation Products and Digital Systems factory in Vadodara

This facility manufactures four variants or series of relays, constituting a significant portion of ABB’s portfolio of this product. The manufacturing of relays follows a complex testing sequence comprising of high voltage test, functional test and heat run test. ABB is one of the first in the industry to have automated the entire testing sequence. A special packaging software has been deployed which allows the products to be placed in the packaging bay only after checking the correct sequence of testing. Distribution Automation systems also enable remote monitoring and control of relays.

“India is projected to be among the top 3 energy consumers of the world by 2030 and currently is the fifth largest consumer. This exponential increase in demand followed by the mix of diversified and distributed energy sources has increased the requirement for quality power equipment manufacturing in India. ABB’s wide portfolio and future-proof technology has a significant role to play in supporting this growing demand,” said Sanjeev Sharma, Country Head and Managing Director, ABB India. “We have been consistently investing in Gujarat, making it one of our largest manufacturing campuses. The inauguration of this facility demonstrates our commitment to partner India’s grid expansion and clean energy targets.”

By supervising the safe continuity of electrical networks and reliable power distribution, relays, centralized protection and control systems will play a critical role in India’s renewable energy and carbon reduction targets. The Indian Government has a vision to increase the local manufacturing of electrical and electronic equipment, making India a global hub by setting up dedicated manufacturing zones in the country.

ABB India Digital Substation Products and Digital Systems factory Shop Floor in Vadodara

“The electrification of energy grids around the world has increased focus on reliable energy distribution, with connected, digital technologies a key enabler for transforming power distribution networks. Digitalization can offer new levels of safety, real time control and monitoring of power flow, seamless communication, self-diagnosis and data processing,” said Ganesh Kothawade, Senior Vice President, Electrification Business, ABB India. “The wide range of digital substation products and digital system solutions manufactured in our new facility will help meet growing demand from our customers to improve the reliability, speed, accuracy and efficiency of their electrical equipment and networks.”