AkzoNobel India, a leading paints and coatings company, has announced its foray into the growing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) paints category. After success in Europe, India drives the DIY phenomena for AkzoNobel as the first country in South Asia to launch the ‘Dulux Simply Refresh’ range.

A Dulux survey shows that 85% of consumers in India say that they will do DIY jobs. Dulux Simply Refresh proposition celebrates what new-age consumers want from a DIY range – effortless fun experience of refreshing homes in their personal style with a one-stop solution of quality products to meet all their transformation needs – from home makeover projects, upcycling wooden furniture, repainting metal artifacts to minor repair jobs.

“AkzoNobel India is delighted to announce its disruptive foray into the growing DIY segment of paints. Our new range ‘Dulux Simply Refresh’ merges the best of AkzoNobel’s global expertise with a complete range of quality Do-it-Yourself products. As consumers of today increasingly demand more from their homes, Dulux Simply Refresh is our invitation to Indian consumers to transform multiple surfaces (wood, metal or walls) at one go, with just one coat of paint, but without the hassles associated with a traditional paint or repair job,” says Rajiv Rajgopal, Managing Director, AkzoNobel India.

Easy to choose, Dulux Simply Refresh offers a complete range for DIY solutions under three categories – decorative paints, repair solutions and painting kits:

Decorative paints:

Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-Surface Paint: Whether it’s a feature wall, wood furniture or a metal chair, Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-Surface Paint is easy to use and gives the perfect finish to multiple surfaces in just one coat – an industry first from Dulux. This ready-to-use interior washable paint comes with special low drip and low splatter technology, meaning consumers can get their DIY job done in a fraction of time with less mess and less wastage. Another industry first from Dulux are the 800+ specially formulated DIY paint shades. Making it easy to express, Dulux has provided 10 curated colour palettes, ranging from passionate reds to energizing blues.

Dulux Simply Refresh Spray Paint: This convenient-to-use aerosol gives a superior gloss finish to all pre-painted surfaces. The quick drying formulation and water-resistance makes Dulux Simply Refresh Spray Paint easy to use, both indoors and outdoors, and comes in 11 striking shades.

Repair and protection:

Dulux Simply Refresh Fix & Grouts: This ready to use grouting solution fixes tile gaps and protects joints of tiles in bathroom, kitchens etc. Easily applied by hand, it is extremely resistant to water and fungal attacks.

Dulux Simply Refresh Wall Filler: While not all DIY projects require pre-work, in some cases, proper preparation of walls having visible cracks can make a world of difference. Understanding this, Dulux brings this ready-mix, high-performance crack filler with excellent adhesion properties, shrink-free formulation and superior hardness… so that you get the satisfaction of a job well done.

Painting kits to enable DIY projects:

Dulux Simply Refresh Painting Kit is specially designed for the first-time users who wish to do DIY paint jobs. The six elements of the kit ensure that painting is easy, so that consumers get more time to enjoy their makeover, rather than working on it.

Now, home makeovers are simply a click away! Dulux Simply Refresh is easy to purchase as the entire range is available online at Dulux brand store (Amazon.in). Offline, the range is available across Delhi-NCR and will be expanded to all leading paint stores across the country in the coming months.