Seeing our work pattern, busy lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits today, it is very common that almost every individual is going through MIND and BODY related issues like mental, psychosomatic or some physical ailments, in their personal and professional life.

Do we know our thoughts and emotions are continuously affecting our Biology, Hormones and Genes which also influence our behaviour and personality and giving us the repetitive or monotonous results? No matter in what age we are, whether we are professionals, housewives or retired from our services it is affecting to that every individual who has thoughts and emotions, to that every individual having a lot between the ears.

The NLP Sapoort Infinite fixes and supports you to get rid of such critical problems for surfacing the awareness of previously undiscovered causes of their physical and mental issues, raised through their own thoughts, emotions and its consequences on your physical body in a new deep and thoughtful ways. Some call it science some call it spiritualism some understand it as a Nature but it is a wonderful blend of all the three and beyond that.

This Pune-based firm works in different platforms such as, Past Life Regression, Quantum and Energy Healing, Why Law of Attraction doesn’t work?, Shadow work to bring out that best version of NEW YOU, Hypnosis and its Miracles revealing Hidden Mind Powers, Science behind Meditation and its effectiveness, Psychological Therapies, NLP Science and Coaching, LGBTQ Parental Support and Counseling of all types.

The founders Amriita Bokil & Leena Pandit-Godbole are on a mission to support everyone who really wish to enhance their lives in a miraculous way and have courage to follow inner instinct.

The firm makes you learn and understand the importance of easy and wonderful tools by giving you the massive and miraculous results making you self-reliant and psychologically independent.

An Individual is connected to his family, friends, and organizations either personally, professionally or socially. They come across numerous challenges, unexpected incidents and jerks make them feel helpless, where the Logical reasoning, Problem solving skills, Communication skills, Being Patient, Overcoming Hesitation, Taking charge of the whole situation and Making decisions and fulfilling those deep rooted desires seems next to impossible. Now, what if, we could have “The Genie Bottle” containing required smartness to deal with those continuous overwhelming traumas and Emotional Turbulences. Yes, the seeding and flourishing of these expertise is absolutely possible in to that every human brains with proper techniques and specific ways, says Leena Pandit-Godbole.

Stability from your low density vibes to those higher level of energies, of your Mind Body and Soul, will bring you to the higher vibrational alignment. It all happens without creating that emotional turbulence in your heart, without creating that chaos in your mind, without affecting you and simultaneously protecting your Aura. Release, “That Real You” inside your Fake you. The Fake you needs to be broken down right now! The daily acting show must be stopped right now! Because we need to understand this thing, the shell, the fencing which you have created around your mind, is eventually blocking your body and making you feel angry, guilty, shameful, depressed, lethargic, heavy and negative. This is because you are in a lower Density Vibes. This is the right time to use your awareness into that exact direction. It’s time to pull yourself up and put into that right alignment of energies, says Amriita Bokil.

We will make you aware of all the wonderful tools step by step revealing your own current self and, getting rid of those life sucking toxic elements, emotional traumas, past memories which actually don’t serve you anymore, letting go of those old beliefs and old thought processes of conditioned mind. Let’s be conscious about our Mind Body and Soul.

We expand your consciousness.