The digital launch video has been animated using only 3D CGI to effectively highlight the visual appeal and style of the brand new Monte Carlo edition

Kulfi Collective’s global animation and motion design vertical, the Post Office Studios, has collaborated with ŠKODA India to create a digital launch video for the brand’s newly launched ŠKODA KUSHAQ Monte Carlo. This collaboration also marks Post Office Studio’s first-ever digital film in the automotive space, animated using only computer graphics (CG).

To reveal and detail the features of the latest Monte Carlo edition of ŠKODA KUSHAQ, a luxurious midsize SUV in India, the multi-talented team at Post Office Studios conceptualised an engaging and captivating digital film that breaks paths from the ordinary. In fact, they chose to go beyond traditional creative boundaries by taking an entirely 3D CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) route to create the digital launch video. Using this technique, the film effectively and innovatively communicates the glamourous look and style embodied by the latest edition. Moreover, to accentuate the car features further, the PO team utilised a minimalistic design language approach and a slightly non-conventional colour palette for the background.

Link to the video –

Vaibhav Negi, Lead 3D Generalist, Post Office Studios, said: “The project certainly had a lot of intricacies, the biggest one was making an exact digital replica of the car. Every part of the car was supposed to have pinpoint accuracy, and every material, be as photoreal and close to the car as possible, otherwise, it could have been deceiving to the consumers. Another challenge we faced was the variety of deliverables – the assets were supposed to go as films on different social media platforms in different resolutions, as prints on newspapers, magazines, hoardings, brochures, and even as static visuals on websites and e-brochures. This meant we had to manage a large library of assets and all these assets were supposed to be treated a little bit differently from each other while keeping everything coherent visually. Thankfully our wide roster of resources came in handy, our in-house team collaborated with a variety of designers, artists, and animators to make all of this possible in a relatively small amount of time.”

Talking about the project, Harsh Sharma, Sr. Creative Director, Post Office Studios, said: “Being an automotive enthusiast, it was an exciting experience working on the project. We at Post Office finally got a chance to work on a complete CGI driven car commercial. The team worked on fine details of the interior and exterior to match the texture and materials to the actual car. Time was spent researching and working on the backgrounds to achieve the abstract look yet keeping it closer to reality. Aim was to keep the environment believable and not dwell into a world of fantasy. We submitted a variation of concepts until we landed on the general design aesthetic that you see in the film. It was a challenge finalizing the look and feel of the film keeping everyone’s creative expectation in mind. All these designs were intentional in an effort to keep the visuals of the car grounded to realism in an abstract setup as well as highlight its lifestyle appeal. A big shout out to Vaibhav Negi for creatively heading the project along with the rest of the amazingly talented team members at Post Office. His ingenious insights and inspiration helped the team accomplish the wonderful project. Hats off to the entire team on execution for pulling through the challenges relentlessly.”

Tarun Jha, Head of Marketing, ŠKODA Auto India, quoted: “Visual storytelling plays a pivotal role in augmenting brand’s marketing and sales. A visual narrative generates interest and engagement. It enables a brand to communicate better. Our recently launched campaign for ŠKODA KUSHAQ Monte Carlo offers a distinct visual treatment in the form of a pastel theme. The ad captures the finer nuances of the product, its glamorous features, and technical brilliance. Our creative partner, Post Office, has done a wonderful job on the launch film using 3D CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) to produce unique storytelling.”

The collective of designers, animators and visual artists at Post Office Studios have always been passionate about turning intangible ideas into tangible visuals that tell your brand’s story in a powerful yet relatable manner. Having specialised in motion design, cel animation, VFX, and more, the design-driven new media tech studio combines radically creative approaches with cutting-edge technologies to deliver clutter-breaking animated content. The ŠKODA KUSHAQ Monte Carlo project perfectly illustrates how Post Office Studios has been strengthening its foothold in the dynamic animation industry.