Global debut of the Newest Bespoke Finishes

• Rolls-Royce Motor Cars showcases exclusive ‘Pebble Beach Collection 2022’ Bespoke Commissions during Monterey Car Week
• Bespoke Black Badge Cullinan, fnished in Forbidden Pink, makes global debut, and is a bold reminder that Black Badge isn’t always black.
• Global debut of Crystal over Sagano Green fnish on stunning Rolls-Royce Ghost
• Special Collection Commissions fank Phantom Series II at its North American premiere at ‘The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering’

“Rolls-Royce is Bespoke, and colour plays a crucial role. The world’s premier luxury marque ofers 44,000 shades for exterior fnish and if a client can’t fnd exactly what they have envisioned, our colour experts in Goodwood will match any shade to create a ‘Bespoke Signature Named’ colour fnish.

We have matched colours from fower petals to shades of lipstick and incorporated gold, silver and even diamonds into Bespoke fnishes. We welcome creative and technological challenges from our patrons as it drives us to redefne our own creative and technical limits. The inspiration for Rolls-Royce colour and fnish is limited only by one’s imagination,” Jonathan Simms, Head of Bespoke, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

As hundreds of the world’s most spectacular motor cars converge on the lawns of Monterey, California, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars reveals the ‘Pebble Beach Collection’ 2022, a colourful and exclusive assemblage of Rolls-Royce commissions. Demonstrating their unrivalled design and fnish capabilities, the designers have prepared exclusive Bespoke commissions to be displayed throughout Monterey Car Week. Two of these commissions, a Black Badge Cullinan and Ghost, debut never-before-seen colours and fnishes from Goodwood. The commissions will fank the new Phantom Series II at ‘The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering’ as it makes its North American debut during Monterey Car Week.

Black Badge Cullinan in Forbidden Pink extends the Black Badge colour palete to a new level – this selection has never been used before on a Rolls-Royce motor car and is a bold reminder that Black Badge need not be black. With bright Grace White hand-crafed leather subtly ofset by Cashmere Grey highlights, the interior suite defes conventional Black Badge stereotypes. Lime Green leather details add the perfect amount of colour to the interior design. As the rear tailgate opens like the clasp on a fne piece of jewellery, the Bespoke Viewing Suite emerges from Cullinan’s luggage compartment. This iconic feature, for the frst time in Peony Pink leather, provides the perfect seat to any Monterey Car Week event.

Complementing this colourful Cullinan is another world premiere in Rolls-Royce Bespoke colour fnish, Ghost in Crystal over Sagano Green. Created with six layers of fnish, highly skilled artisans from the marque’s Exterior Surface Finish Centre spent hours meticulously hand-polishing each layer. Before the fnal two clear coatings are completed, the Crystal fnish is applied with minute particles of colour specks to create a lustrous, multi-dimensional shimmer on Ghost’s post-opulent design. Running the length of the exterior is a hand applied coachline that beautifully complements the pinstripe tyres on gloss black painted wheels. The hours of hand polishing are inspected in a specially designed light booth to ensure a perfect fnish before this Ghost was delivered to Monterey.

The design team has created additional Bespoke commissions that will be showcased during Monterey Car Week. These creations will be on display throughout the weekend of festivities and will be ofered exclusively through authorised retailers.