India’s leading aggregator of used cooking oil, Aris BioEnergy (, announced its support towards – Bio Diesel Odyssey, 2022. An expedition in an Indian make car powered by biodiesel and spearheaded by Avinash Narayanswamy, a well-respected Environmentalist and a social Volunteer.

The Bio Diesel Odyssey 2022, was flagged off by Tejasvi Surya, Member of Parliament for Bengaluru South Lok Sabha Constituency on the 21st of August from his office. The car will then be travelling across the city educating the good people of Bangalore about the responsible way of discarding UCO. On the 24th Avinash will address the RV college student before taking off for his 30 days expedition to 3 countries sponsored by Aris BioEnergy.

Avinash Narayanaswamy along with Aakankash, his co-traveller, plan to campaign across three countries in an Indian car powered by Bio-Diesel. The car will travel to 23 cities in India, Nepal and Bhutan in 26 days, covering 9000 kms from August 24th – September 22nd, 2022. The team will engage with students from universities and youth organizations to emphasize the importance of environmental protection, share sustainable lifestyle ideas and practices and promote Aatma Nirbhar Bharat and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in every city with the support of Aris Bioenergy.

Umesh Waghdhare, Founder and Managing Director, Aris BioEnergy, said: “We are happy to be associating with such a powerful cause. At Aris we have been advocating responsible displacement of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) from the system and believe that the used cooking oil-based biofuel is one of the second-generation biofuels and is considered to have a greater potential to reduce emissions. We hope with this Odyssey our future generation will not only learn but also champion the cause of responsible and sustainable living.”

The Biodisel Odyssey says: “Avinash is a small leap forward toward Green, Clean and Healthy India and the World. The World presently confronted with the crises of fossil fuel depletion and environmental degradation needs fuels of bio-origin as a feasible solution. It ensures good health and welfare of all its 7.9 billion citizens, aiding energy security, climate change mitigation and leading to environmentally sustainable development and has the potential to change the lives of people around the world. I am thankful to my other sponsor Comtel and many supporting brands.”

Avinash Narayanaswamy, Entrepreneur, Environmentalist, PhD Researcher, Social Volunteer, Philanthropist, Adventurer and Traveler, has Netherlands Master’s in Environmental & Energy Management and Sustainable Energy Technology from University of Twente. The Antarctica 2041 Expedition, Go Green Earth Award in 2021, Samaj Seva Ratna Award, 2021, Chanakya Award 2020 ICSE Award 2019 are a few of Avinash’s recognitions. In addition, he has undertaken Bio-Diesel drives of 200k+ km across Europe & India and indulges in adopting Roof-Top Solar, Rain-Water Harvesting & Waste Management.