Ecom Express Limited, one of India’s leading technology-driven full stack logistics solutions providers to the e-commerce industry, announced that it will provide Group Personal Insurance cover to its delivery partners. The GPA will ensure that in the event of any unfortunate occurrence on-trip while delivering e-commerce parcels, comprehensive financial protection will be provided against expenses incurred due to injury, disablement or death resulting from accidental injury.

Delivery Partners who use the company’s ‘Ecom Sanjeev’ app to access flexible earning opportunities across India will be automatically covered under the insurance policy. Besides accidental death, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability, child education, medical expenses (OPD & IPD) and more, the company will provide accidental insurance of up to 2 lakhs for delivery partners.

Ashish Sikka, Chief Strategy Officer, Ecom Express, said: “Gig workers, who engage as delivery partners for last mile, need safety and security at all times, owing to extensive travel in their jobs. In case of any mishap or road accidents, it usually results in extensive hospital expenses, and they become vulnerable in paying these and sometimes additionally for post-treatment expenses. This would eventually lead to having a big influence on a delivery partner’s entire family. At Ecom Express, we would like to ensure peace of mind for our delivery partners as these costs can be dealt with the assistance of insurance coverage and take them a step closer to safeguarding from any mishaps that arise from an on-trip accident.’’

All delivery partners of Ecom Express are eligible for receiving GPA insurance benefits.

Since the launch of ‘Ecom Sanjeev’ delivery partner program in 2021, Ecom Express has created massive opportunities for delivery partners – students, homemakers, freelancers, part-timers and those looking to supplement and maximize their income. By joining its network, delivery partners can opt to work in flexible timeslots. Any individual – fresher or experienced – can take up this part-time job by applying online using ‘Ecom Sanjeev’ app available on Google Playstore. The applicant must have a valid driving license and an android smartphone. All personal documents for enrollment can be uploaded through the app and the verification will be done at the nearest Ecom Express delivery center. The company will also be onboarding individuals who do not own any means of transportation.

Interested individuals can apply using the Ecom Sanjeev app or send a message saying ‘’Hi’’ on WhatsApp to 7290066666.