Technology is fast evolving, time frame has moved from 10 to 3 years

“Tamil Nadu is on the right track towards achieving economic growth and the State is expected to perform consistently with a CAGR of 14 to 15 per cent every year. Statistically, Tamil Nadu has been achieving a CAGR of 13-14 per cent consistently in the past 10 years, except for the pandemic year”, said Mr. Rajesh Kumar Pathak, Secretary, Technology Development Board, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, at the Conference on Emerging Technologies organised by the Tamil Nadu Technology Development & Promotion Centre of CII recently.

“The Technology Development Board (TDP) has played a key role in funding many large organizations of today in the past. These companies are set to revolutionize the very landscape of the Indian technology space”, he pointed out.

“As many may not be aware, we are still continuing to accept proposals from startups across industries under the space technology program. We are open to receiving proposals and are willing to help them either in partnering with them and/or assist them in funding. The quantum of funds is not the point but the viability of the proposal is what matters most”, he added.

India is now in an exciting stage, and is leading the digital revolution. Even startups of today are quick to adapt emerging technologies and moving forward towards achieving excellence in their businesses.

In his address, Dr. Shankar Venugopal, Vice President & Head – Technology, IP and Technical Capability Building, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., said: “As much as many technology driven startups seek external funding, our very own managers in large organizations, should create mini-TDPs internally. We have to encourage ideas and seed fund them. Ideas brought in by your staff must be explored and experimented. Though ideas may change over time, it is equally important to encourage and motivate your staff to think and ideate”.

He further said: “In today’s world, one must think Big, think in abundance, think convergence as Technology is accelerating, and one must also give importance to sustainability to achieve exponential growth”.

Mr. Jabez Selwyn, Senior Vice President – Enterprise Group, Redington India Ltd., highlighted Redington’s distribution network of 290 global brands they manage across 34 countries. In his special address, he said: “Today’s organizations irrespective of the industry they are in, should seriously invest and deploy resources in the areas of cyber security. Another area that is fast catching up is consumption as a service while, startups are also exploring hardware as a service. These two service offerings will be beneficial for large and small organizations in the future”. Redington India is the Principal Sponsor for the Conference.

Mr. Subramanian Radhakrishnan, Chief Enterprise Architect & Digital Transformation Leader, Infosys Ltd., said: “Technology today is moving fast. Technology that was expected to evolve over 10 years is now evolving in just three years and this too will be reduced. Live enterprises is now evolving and learning every day. The need for agility and speed and smart workplace is currently trending and organizations should focus more on this.”