Elgi Equipments Limited, one of the world’s leading air-compressor manufacturers, conducted the 5th edition of Technology Day 2022 in Coimbatore.

The ELGi signature initiative witnessed attendance from over 200 employees and industry representatives. The technology team’s many contributions and complex engineering achievements were recognized amid presentations on technology breakthroughs, knowledge-sharing sessions, and a product display.

The keynote speakers, Mr. Navneet Bhushan, Founder and Director of Crafitti Consulting, spoke about “Innovating in Complexity of Creative Destruction,” while Prof. Ahamed Kovacevic, City University, London’s address focused on ‘Compressors and Expanders in Future Energy Systems’.

The event also witnessed lectures from eminent spokespersons comprising of Professor V. Balasubramanian from Annamalai University, Dr. Daniel William Davey of Rotor Design Solutions Ltd., UK, and an industrial research scientist.

As a run-up to Technology Day, ELGi employees worldwide participated in internal contests that encouraged out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ideation for product excellence. The winners were felicitated during the event.

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