• Bengaluru and Chennai continued to lead EV adoption; Pune jumps up to the 3rd spot
  • Tier-II cities clocked higher average daily distances per scooter with Secunderabad leading the chart
  • Ather scooters saved INR 828,399,018 cumulatively

Ather Energy, India’s leading electric scooter manufacturer, released the second edition of its yearly ‘Ather in 2022’ report, the year-end recap capturing trends around EV 2-wheeler adoption across the country. 2022 was a great year for EVs, and the ‘Ather in 2022’ report highlights how Ather electric scooters are becoming mainstream, especially in smaller cities and towns.

In 2022, Ather scooters clocked more than 389 million km, a 458% increase over 2021. Bengaluru and Chennai continue to lead the total distance chart, covering over 82 million and 33 million km, respectively. As Maharashtra fastracks its EV adoption, Pune has jumped up to top three cities, clocking over 25 million km in 2022. Markets such as New Delhi and Hyderabad are also rapidly catching up as Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities continue to show strong EV adoption rates and are riding longer distances. On average, smaller cities saw higher daily distances per scooter, with Secunderabad registering an average of 41 km per day, followed by Thanjavur, Tiruppur, Pathanamthitta, and Attapur.

The Ecosystem

In 2022, Ather increased its focus on creating an ecosystem that supports the growth of EVs in the country. The company installed 634 Ather Grids, fast-charging points, bringing the total to 885, becoming the largest fast charging network for two-wheelers. During the year, Ather Grid powered 1,89,26,771 km for riders.

Ather scooters saved INR 828,399,018 cumulatively after riding 389 million km and subsequently saved almost 5,631,000 kg of CO2 emissions, a significant growth from 1980000 kg of CO2 saved in 2021. Therefore, saving 78,893,514 litres of petrol, a testament to Ather’s philosophy of building a sustainable EV ecosystem.

Riding pattern

The usage in WARP mode saw a significant jump, with consumers covering 18,723,002 km. The cities with the highest WARP mode usage were Bangalore, Kozhikode, Chennai, and Kochi. This indicates that customers were able to ride in the fastest mode for a longer period of time. A surprising insight was the total distance covered by Ather users in Reverse Assist — 81,197 km in total — using it to manoeuvre around parking spaces with ease. Riders also registered the highest single-day, monthly, and yearly usage in 2022, covering a distance of 500 km, 8,059 km, and 48059 km, respectively. The highest distance covered by all Ather scooters in a single day and month stands at 2,010,902 km on December 21st and 56,568,252 km throughout December.

Commenting on the findings, Ravneet Singh Phokela, Chief Business Officer, Ather Energy, said: “The 2-wheeler EV industry is well on its way to becoming mainstream in India. Since inception, our product philosophy has been to offer specifications that we can deliver consistently, irrespective of temperature, geography, or any other aspect affecting performance. The ‘Ather in 2022’ report shows how customers across the country are upgrading to our modern electric scooters and have no hesitation in riding their Ather scooters as much as any other petrol scooter. The numbers we see today are encouraging, but with the launch of AtherStack 5.0, our growing retail presence as well as CI points we anticipate demand for our scooters to grow in 2023, and we promise our consumers consistent performance every time they ride the vehicle.”

Ather Energy sold 59,413 units from Jan to Dec 2022 registering a y-o-y growth of 224 percent. To meet the rising demand in the country, Ather inaugurated its second manufacturing facility in Hosur. The facility, spread across 300,000 sq. ft. will help the brand expand its production capacity to 420,000 units per year in FY 2024 (April 2023 – March 2024), further enabling the company to fulfil the increasing demand for its flagship scooters. The company also recently rolled out the Atherstack 5.0 software update, which has introduced a host of new features taking the riding experience to a new level. Ather has also introduced six new colours – Space Grey, Still White, Salt Green, True Red, Cosmic Black, and Lunar Grey for the 450X and 450 Plus, inspired by automotive performance.