The music property garnered more than 500 entries over the span of 30 days

MG Motor India crowned promising band Nawazishein and solo artist Sharad Singh, as the winners of MG Taal Season 2 ‘Naya Safar, Nayi Taal’. MG Taal is a unique initiative under MG’s brand pillar ‘Experience’ where the brand honours and recognises Indie music artists. The musical property was created by the brand two years ago when the Indian music industry saw the growing popularity of Indie music.

MG Motor India identifies music as an experience which brings people closer to the brand, and thereby the winners will be backed by MG to produce their new music videos which will be promoted across digital and physical platforms.

Previously, the brand had conducted a talent hunt where they had received 500+ artist entries and 1000+ content pieces from all over India. Due to the huge response received, the decision to expand the program for 6 more artists has now been finalized. MG will be making a series of videos with each of these 6 artists on the songs that they have created and push their raw talent in the indie music community.

Using music to enable exciting experiences, MG Motor developed this property around music, including the Sonic Identity of the brand, the brand-aligned music at its showrooms, and its brand anthem.

In Season 1, MG worked with two phenomenal acts – A World/Fusion ensemble with breath-taking compositions from Surat – The Tapi Project, and a multi-genre act from Pune with magical lyricism – Fiddlecraft. The resulting music videos garnered over one million views and over 500 user-generated videos. The brand looks forward to a more exciting time in MG Taal’s Second Edition.