With a keen interest in India’s futuristic energy solutions, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the high level delegation from Germany took a tour of SUN Mobility’s development center

SUN Mobility, the leading provider of universal energy infrastructure and services for electric vehicles (EVs), hosted the German Chancellor, Mr. Olaf Scholz, at its facility in Bengaluru to showcase India’s futuristic mobility and energy solutions for the world. With a keen interest to understand India’s tech prowess and commitment to clean energy transition better, the German Chancellor visited the SUN Mobility Technology Centre as part of his day-long visit to Bengaluru on Sunday.

During the one-hour visit, Chetan Maini, Co-founder and Chairman, SUN Mobility, along with Anant Badjatya, CEO, SUN Mobility, interacted with the German Chancellor and discussed India’s cleantech aspirations and how the country is leading the electric mobility transition with cutting-edge innovations and solutions that are designed in India, for the world. The German Chancellor had a first-hand experience of swapping a battery in electric vehicles in India. He along with a high-level German delegation took a tour of the company’s development center to understand how India is working with high-end advanced technologies to provide affordable mass mobility solutions to lead the transition that is electric, clean, and green. The German Chancellor’s interest in India’s clean energy solutions reinforces the world’s recognition of India’s progressive contributions and efforts to democratize clean energy and mobility solutions space.

“Today, India stands at the forefront of electric mobility solutions and is bolstering the shift to clean energy transition. As the world comes together to embrace the electric mobility transformation, India is innovating solutions that are affordable, accessible, and available to the masses. It was a privilege to engage with Mr. Olaf Scholz and the German delegation on the advanced sustainable energy solutions we build in India, for the world,” said Chetan Maini.

Speaking of the event, the spokesperson for Chancellor Scholz said: “The Chancellor visited SUN Mobility, a company that offers comprehensive e-mobility solutions. He was introduced to the unique “battery swapping” concept, wherein commercial two-and-three wheelers do not need long charging times but can swap out their batteries in an instant. This is all the more important as two-and-three wheelers cause the majority of carbon emissions in the mobility sector in India. Innovative concepts such as SUN Mobility’s, which are affordable and tailored to the Indian market, are vital when it comes to a global shift towards greener mobility. In the future SUN Mobility could partner with German companies and possibly bring their concept to the European market. Already the German company Bosch has a 20% stake in SUN Mobility, a further symbol of Indo-German partnership in green mobility.”

As part of the visit, the Chancellor took a walkthrough of SUN Mobility’s manufacturing facilities, command and control center, battery assembly line and battery swapping stations dedicated for electric two-and-three wheelers, as well as for swappable electric buses.