Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI), a leading manufacturer of abrasives, ceramics, electro minerals, refractories, and more, launched a new product — CUMI Monk — at the GrindTec Fair in Leipzig, Germany. CUMI Monk or Monocrystalline Alumina is manufactured by the fusion method using speciality alumina with special additives.

Each monocrystalline alumina particle is a single crystal of alpha-phase alumina. The unique advantages are created due to little grain boundaries in the grains. The special process adopted creates rough surfaces with strong cutting edges that contribute to better bonding and sharper cutting actions compared to conventional alumina grains used in the abrasive industry.

The advantages of monocrystalline alumina in abrasives make it an excellent choice for many cutting and grinding applications, particularly those that require high precision and consistent performance.

Speaking on the product launch, Sivakumaran MV, Business Head, Electro Minerals, CUMI, stated: “The new range of Monocrystalline Alumina is a product of in-house R&D at CUMI and we are excited to have this launched at GrindTec fair, Leipzig, Germany. The product offers excellent cutting characteristics for thin cut-off wheels for a wide variety of applications. The product is also suitable for high-hardness, difficult-to-grind materials. This new range of product helps our customers to improve their grinding applications with its exceptional properties.”