The Supreme Industries Ltd. (Supreme), India’s leading plastics product manufacturing company, announced its Unaudited Standalone & Consolidated financial results for the quarter and half year ended 30th September, 2021, at its Board Meeting held recently.

Mr. M. P. Taparia, Managing Director, The Supreme Industries Ltd., said: As the effect of second wave of Covid-19 started ebbing down, there was revival of business in all the segments serviced by the company.

In spite of continuous rise in all grades of Polymer prices, the company had volume growth in all its segments. The Polymer prices have risen between 7% to 28% during this quarter. Highest increase was in the price of PVC resin, where prices have gone by Rs. 34 per kg. The price increase trend continues unabated in the current quarter also.

In Plastics Pipe segment, the demand from housing segment has revived. The company had around 9% volume growth in Pipe System in the quarter. In spite of current high price, the demand outlook in housing and agri segment looks maintainable. There is a shift in higher demand for CPVC system as the prices of that system have not gone high compared to PVC system.

The company’s progress in putting up plants at Guwahati, Cuttack and Erode are moving smoothly. All these plants will be operational between January 2022 to May 2022. The company’s envisaged capex plant of 521 crores for the year including carried forward commitment of previous year is going on smoothly.

The company is also adding new systems over and above it’s existing 36 system in Plastic Pipe System, during this financial year for which the investment plan is going smoothly. The demand for Tarpaulins and made up products made from XF film is maintained at higher level.

The company is able to pass the increased raw material prices to it’s end product. Furniture business has gone up by around 4% in volume in the quarter. It has launched new models successfully. In spite of chip shortage, industrial component business has grown in the quarter with a promising future for second half of the year. Material handling division has shown 16% volume growth. The company continues to add new product range to add value to it’s customers. It continues deepen it’s market reach.

Composite Cylinder division has shown surplus in the quarter after several years of it’s operations. The increased acceptance of this cylinder from domestic and international markets augurs well for this segment in future.

The company had a volume growth of 3% in Protective Packaging Division and 10% in Performance Packaging film in the quarter. Overall in packaging segment, the company’s focus is to boost export business and develop new applications laminating with different substrates to add increased value for it’s customers. The company is solution provider to protect the content by innovative packaging.

Several new varieties of products have been launched in Bath fittings division. The appointments of new dealers are continuing. The business is growing. The company expects to reach Rs. 75 crores business in this division, this year.